Turtle Rock Studios

Left 4 Dead developer announces a spiritual successor, Back 4 Blood

Get ready to slay the undead in an online co-op frenzy once more

Turtle Rock Studios working on a new AAA IP

The studio that brought us Left 4 Dead and Evolve have partnered with Perfect World Entertainment, the producers of the Star Trek Online free-to-play title, to collaborate on a new “AAA IP” according to reports by GamesIndustry.biz. Not giving too much detail about the title they’re working on, Phil Robb, co-founder of Turtle Rock, stated that they are “developing a new fra...

Turtle Rock releases final Left 4 Dead campaign

Back in 2008 PC and Xbox 360 players were treated to the exceptional co-op shooter called Left 4 Dead. The game was ground-breaking with it’s AI Director system and it was no surprise that a sequel was released a year later after the success of the first title. The development team behind the game – Turtle Rock studios have not given up creating content for the game just yet as they ha...

Evolve is now officially dead

Evolve was a modern day tragedy in the gaming industry. It had an interesting premise, great potential and was gearing up to be one of the premier multiplayer titles of this generation. Then they decided to lock almost everything behind premium DLC, have egregious pre-order bonuses and releasing in an incomplete state. People liked it for like a couple of days and then its popularity took a nosedi...

Video: Evolve getting an Observer Mode

What happens when you are a group of six friends and you want to watch a game? Or how will competitive games be streamed? Currently the game is pretty limited in this regard, and unless a player streams their gameplay, there isn’t a proper way to watch a game. Now an Observer Mode is on the way, which allows a sixth player to join the match and switch between multple camera options and bounc...

Review: Evolve (Xbox One)

Evolve takes online action into uncharted territory, but does it revolutionize?

Here’s a video of Evolve Single Player mode

Dislike playing online? Don’t have the time, or maybe you just don’t have friends? Don’t worry, I don’t judge and personally tend to stay away from online stuff as gaming has always been more of an escape mechanism for me. It’s the one reason why Evolve just hasn’t appealed to me whatsoever thus far. It looks cool if you enjoy online games as you play 4 v 1 in a...

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