Two Point Studios

Two Point Hospital DLC will require building Off the Grid

Green energy and weird green illnesses.

Review: Two Point Hospital (PS4)

Get ready for some... strange illnesses.

Two Point Hospital brings healing to consoles in February

Get in queue for the GP's office.

Two Point Hospital has been delayed on consoles

But it's to make sure it's as good a game on a 'smaller box'.

Two Point Hospital is coming to consoles later this year

Feeling Light-headed with anticipation? Well, there's a doctor coming to a console near you.

Two Point Hospital developer gets snatched up by SEGA

SEGA decided to seek medical attention.

A Superbug is heading straight to Two Point Hospital in a new update

Some situations require a little help from your friends.

Two Point Hospital’s DLC brings 34 new illnesses

Better get the hydraulics ready to reshape those Blank Looks.

Review: Two Point Hospital (PC)

Patients are waiting for you in the GP's office, doctor.

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