The Division 2’s Title 3 update patch notes go live

A few pages of patch notes ahead of the big May update.

Starlink: Battle For Atlas Crimson Moon update

Extra content for an underrated game on the way. Plus it's now on PC.

Opinion: AAA Suicide – How the gaming industry is ruining itself

The gaming industry always was a little corrupt. But now it's actively hurting people and itself.

Ubisoft donates to Notre-Dame restoration

Gaming companies giving back.

The Division 2’s raid is delayed into May

A delay to allow for more testing and fine-tuning.

Review: Anno 1800 (PC)

We built this city on steel and oil.

Rumour: Watch Dogs 3 to be set in London

Police blowing whistles instead of trying to blow your head off.

Ubisoft won’t make any more Starlink toys

Say goodbye to plastic dreams.

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