Switch OLED: Unboxing

Full review coming next week!

Xbox Series X unboxing

We unbox the Xbox Series X from its box and another box too.

World of Warcraft Anniversary Edition unboxing

There is a box, that is opened! And a big statue, and a wookie!

A look inside the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition

What feels like forever ago, Square Enix announced the various editions that Final Fantasy XV would have. I spotted the Ultimate Collectors and I knew I had to have it. I started calling retailers and even the distributors about it. Then I was told that we would not be getting the big bad version in South Africa. I was pretty gutted by this, and even ended up writing a letter about it. Not long af...

Video: Get your first look at the PlayStation VR being unboxed

Yes, it sucks that we still don’t exactly know when PS VR will head to South Africa, but at least we do know that it’ll ultimately end up on our shores. Things could be a lot worse than it is. That said, it still does not help with the FOMO we South African’s are all going to deal with (unless you simply can’t wait and import it at a hefty cost). The bastards crew at PlaySt...

Video: Unboxing World of Warcraft: Legion Collector’s Edition

Our resident Wookie was lucky enough to get his paws on a copy of World of Warcraft: Legion Collectors Edition. According to Garth Legion has had one of the smoothest launches in WoW history. We will have his review up in the coming days. In the meantime however Garth wanted to show you what you would find in the Collector’s Edition of Legion if you were thinking of picking it up. As you all...

Asus STRIX Pro Gaming Headset Unboxing

Are you in the market for a good wired headset? Is your budget a little limited but you still want to get a lot of bang for your buck? A pair of decent cans is essential to any gamer, and Asus have thrown their card into the hat with the STRIX PRO gaming headset. It’s not a bad set but you can decide for yourself as we unbox it below, let us know what you think?  

Have a Look at What’s In the Far Cry 4 Collector’s Edition

Collector’s Editions have become a huge thing over the last few years. Paying that extra cash for something ‘special’ has really caught the eye of many and developers/publishers are trying all they can to impress with special editions and the likes. Personally, a game has to have a really cool figurine for me to even consider it, but many are happy with other extras, though I thi...

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