The Evil Within 2 gets an official first-person mode in new update

You're now able to look right through Sebastian Castellanos' eyes in The Evil Within 2.

Cuphead receives an update to wash away some deep seated stains

Studio MDHR has patched up some of the cracks in their kitchenware. No co-op yet though.

Final Fantasy XV to get a massive December content update

Fire up the Regalia, boys and girls. Square Enix is planning to keep you busy this festive season.

Bungie addresses the state of Destiny 2, and details plans going forward

The developer is trying to make Destiny 2 a more interesting place, and so far, it looks promising.

Gran Turismo Sport is getting the update we really want in December

New update in December finally gives us what we really wanted.

Splatoon 2 is doing Black Friday a bit differently

New maps, new modes a higher level cap and more are coming to Splatville.

Four years later Total War: Rome 2 is getting a new campaign with Empire Divided

As part of Total War Sagas, the new campaign looks at the Roman empire in disarray.

PS4’s new update is gold if you love to stream or play online

A few new options, neater sub-accounts and better streaming await inside.

PS4’s System Software 5.00 Beta key features have been detailed

5.00 isn't a huge improvement, but it's better than nothing, we guess... Stability!

Get your first look at the new Xbox One dashboard

The new dashboard launches later this year, but that doesn't mean you can't get a quick peek at it now

Bethesda is giving away free stuff for DOOM

Time to fire up the carnage as all the multiplayer DLC goes free.

No Man’s Sky August update likely, if its crazy ARG is to be believed

Another big update might just set things right after the promises made pre-release.

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