Dota 2’s updates are about to get far more frequent

Dota 2 is going to get more regular balance patches for a while to see if it works better than the previous slower system.

Rumour: Microsoft might acquire EA, Valve or PUBG Corp to secure future exclusives

Where there is smoke there is fire, and this could be one big fire.

Opinion: Valve’s strong stance against ‘adult games’ is getting worse

Following the recent blocking of a horror game about porn, it finally puts into question Valve's priorities.

Valve drops Bitcoin as a Steam payment option

Sorry, that nice Bitcoin you have isn't going straight into your game collection on Steam.

Oh look more Portal… with a bridge constructor game

Get ready for more Portal... kinda.

A year after scandal, TmarTn is now promoting Call of Duty: WW2

The YouTuber who failed to disclose his ownership of the website he promoted is now working with Activision to promote COD: WW2.

Silicon Echo shuts down following removal of all games from Steam

The biggest asset flipper on Steam has to close its doors following Valve's removal of their 173 games.

Valve removes 173 “fake games” from Steam

Valve has taken a big step by removing a sizable amount of games from the service to stop an infamous asset flipper.

Valve’s brave answer to review bombing is adding a graph

Valve will do just about anything to use algorithms instead of humans.

Video: Modders are re-creating Half-Life 2 within Half-Life

We heard you like Half-Life, so we put some Half-Life in your Half-Life so that you can Half-Life while you Half-Life.

2017 is fast approaching the record for the most Steam game releases

Steam is becoming very crowded these days and it looks like it won't stop soon.

Half-Life gets an update, 19 years after release

Something something Half-Life, something something 3.

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