Valve explains why Steam Discovery has been hiding indie games

A bug in Steam has devastated views and sales of smaller indie games, and for some, the effects linger.

A bunch of Valve classics are now Xbox One X enhanced and backwards compatible

Valve fans won't be left for dead with this update.

Valve’s card game Artifact is releasing in November

Enigma in the jungle, cracking open card packs.

Steam game included a cryptocurrency miner

Watch out, your Steam games might be turning your computer into a miner.

Portal 2 co-writer Jay Pinkerton is on Valve’s staff page again

Maybe it was a 13-month-long mission to go find out the truth about cake.

Dutch players see what is inside a Dota 2 loot box before buying it

Valve is trying something different to please the Dutch Gambling Society.

Valve Anti-Cheat banned a record number of cheaters the last week

Cheaters beware, the hammer is coming for you.

School shooting game gets the boot from Valve

The massively tone deaf Active Shooter has been purged from Valve's storefront.

Steam now allows support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Your expensive Switch controller now has multiple uses.

Firewatch developer, Campo Santo, has been acquired by Valve

The young indie developer has been snatched up by the GabeN.

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