Video: Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen console remaster gets some footage

All of Dragon's Dogma in one package for the latest console generation.

Video: Take a behind the scenes look at Insomniac’s Spider-Man game

Will this Spider-Man game hit or miss? The series has a history of the webslinger going splat.

Geese Howard is heading to Tekken 7 later this year

Later this year we'll see a crossover character from King of Fighters appearing in the Tekken universe.

Kingdom Hearts 3 officially launching in 2018, includes Toy Story universe

Transforming Keyblades and more await Sora and the gang in 2018.

Rugby 18 receives an official trailer and it looks… well, like an okay ‘PS2’ game

It doesn't look like Rugby 18 will finally cross the line for a much deserved score. Nope, it looks like another penalty instead.

Video: Beyond Good & Evil 2 engine demo looks like the No Man’s Sky we really wanted

Get your first glimpse at the massive world of Beyond Good & Evil 2 with Michel Ancel at the helm.

Video: Watch someone play Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 in first-person using Hololens

In New York running around hitting imaginary blocks and jumping on Goombas doesn't even get a second glance.

Video: The Shadow of War story trailer encourages you to build an army

It's time to lay the smackdown on the Dark Lord.

Project CARS 2 accelerates to stores on 22 September

Get ready for classic racing as well as rallycross in Project CARS 2 on 22 September

Video: Battleborn goes free-to-play… sort of

After a short battle Battleborn is being born again, but this time it's free.

Video: Need for Speed Payback launches 10 November with a strong Fast and Furious vibe

Need for Speed is back, and this time it's going the Fast and Furious route.

Xbox Game Pass to launch 1 June, trial available to Gold Members right now

Your pass to what could be the 'Netflix' of the video game world is available right now for Gold subscribers as a trial, and officially launches on 1 June.

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