Video games

What video games did you play over the holidays?

No beach meant more video game time, right?

Quarantine Countdown – Video Game Edition

We are looking for the best games to play when you're in lockdown...

No video games after 10 PM, says China

New laws introduced to protect young gamers.

American Senator wants to ban loot boxes aimed at children

Video game gambling? Addictive behaviour in kids on the increase?

Opinion: We’re living in a golden era in gaming – enjoy it

Gaming is still not perfect, but we've reached a fantastic era in this industry

Five things in games that make no sense, but we (generally) leave them be

As games strive for realism, there are still so many things that are just too fanciful. But they make things fun or easier (for programmers or players).

The Burning Question: Do you have a time hack?

As life's responsibilities pile up, hobby time shrinks. How are you handling that, or do you have a secret solution?

Video Game voice actors are now officially on strike

Here at SA Gamer we really value the video game voice actors in the business. It’s these individuals that can often make the difference between a believable cinematic or, more so, a believable in-game world. When Nathan Drake brings the world of Uncharted to life with his chirps and random comments there’s a voice behind it. When the Joker brings a smile to your face with his demonic h...

The Burning Question: Does pricing affect your decision towards Video Games?

It’s been a roller coaster of a year for video games and personally I’ve seen some exciting and strange things this year. From a certain publisher/developer jumping on the burner to other publishers/developers striking deals we never thought they’d ever consider. Then there’s the HUGE list of amazing games that was released this year. An announcement of a “next gen” console and some retailers here...

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