John Wick Hex gets a featurette all about Gun-Fu

Tactical killing never looked so good.

Here is the Darkwing Duck successor Capcom declined from Sonic Mania dev

It seems Capcom is actually the terror that flaps in the night.

Marduk, Armor King and Julia Chang smash their way into Tekken 7

Two of the characters are available for download via season pass 2 today.

Video: The rise and fall of Dead Space

In space no one can hear you, but at least this documentary will help.

NieR Automata slices its way into SoulCalibur VI

Guest characters just got real in SoulCalibur VI.

Here is more Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay, with the Dead Eye System returning

Get ready to do just about anything in a Western you could ever dream of.

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