G2A responds to sale of scammed keys

Last week I wrote about how co-founder of Vlambeer, Rami Ismail, said that he would rather have people pirate his game than buy it on G2A, considering the amount of time he spends trying to filter out key scammers. G2A replied to that since then, sending me a mail. Here is the mail, which was sent because “there are some misunderstandings we’d like to clarify”: “First thing...

G2A is okay selling scammed keys because they are legitimate keys

G2A is making waves at the moment, and not for any of the right reasons. First a retail partnership with Gearbox for Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition fell apart after public outcry, resulting in Gearbox asking for a policy change from G2A or it would pull the partnership. G2A did not meet those demands. Since then many have come forward to talk about G2A, email scams, key skimming and how G2A Shield...

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