Review: Wolfenstein: Youngblood (PS4 Pro)

The old-school shooter franchise went a little too new-school.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood will release one day earlier on PC

Get your RGB fans ready kids, Nazi killing time is starting earlier than scheduled.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is first in series to be uncensored in Germany

After decades of censoring, Germany is now respecting games as an art.

Atomic Heart will get your pulse racing in its beta next year

A mysterious science facility, and some off the rails robots. Sounds like a lovely Sunday afternoon, it does.

Free Games Vrydag winner did nazi that coming

Who is going to punch the Reich right in its mouth? Come find out!

Oh Amazon, again? Looks like Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is releasing in October

The game will release on October 27, according to the screengrab.

Wolfenstein The New Order devs working on something that’s “F**king Bananas”

First-person shooters had a bit of a renaissance recently by, funnily enough, returning to their roots. FPS games became stale, modern military shooters that just had you go through some impoverished nations and shooting dudes in Taliban outfits with a backdrop of brown desert and ruined buildings. The fun aspect of FPS games of the past was something that was shelved in favour of these cookie-cut...

Clearing out the backlog – 6 games to go

Ah the backlog, something every gamer has, especially you PC gamers with your Steam accounts. No matter how hard we try, we never quite manage to clean up the bugger. Well, a few months ago Jarred and I challenged each other to complete as many games as we could in one month. Without bragging, I won… by a lot (7-2). After that I’ve been trying to complete my backlog using the same leve...

Voice Actor Tuesday: Peter Jessop

This week we’re bringing Peter Jessop to the limelight. To be honest, I haven’t actually heard of him before, but when I researched his work I found out that he voiced a quite a few characters in some of my favourite games. I discovered him while Google stalking for more information about Paladin Danse. While playing Fallout 4, I was convinced Danse was voiced by George Clooney, so it ...

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Launches with Raining Nazis

It’s a well known fact that Nazis make the best villains and it’s a surprise they aren’t used a little more often. As the resident Jew here on SA Gamer it’s my duty to introduce you to the gameplay trailer of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood where the idea is apparently to infiltrate the Nazi base and take out as many of them as possible. It feels like a 1940’s action flick...

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