World of Warcraft

Blizzcon 2017: World of Warcraft is getting classic servers and new expansion announced

For World of Warcraft fans, Blizzcon had some great treats. Sharpen those weapons, the war is about to start again.

BlizzCon 2017 will look at the future of all current games except Diablo

A lot about the future of the various franchises will be discussed, except for Diablo. Poor Diablo.

BlizzCon 2017’s virtual ticket will livestream all stages. Also WoW mounts

Virtual ticket owners are going to get to watch pretty much everything this year.

Heroes of the Storm is finally getting fan favourite Kel’Thuzad

Betrayer of humanity is here, and he is still inspiring betrayal wherever he goes.

Get ready, World of Warcraft heads to Argus next week

We march on the Legion's stronghold next week. Who is with me?

Four games that changed their whole genre

The games you play today might have various elements courtesy of some of these titles.

Australian Snooker Champion talks about how video games affected his life

Australian Snooker Player, Neil Robertson, had a very candid interview with Eurosport about his addiction to video games and how it impacted his personal and professional life. In the interview he said he used to play a lot of World of Warcraft and League of Legends, but had to stop completely because it had taken over his life completely: [quote]”I’ve had really good application in my pract...

Turn your WoW gold into Blizzard credit for items in other games

For about two years now some World of Warcraft players have been paying their monthly subscriptions with gold. Players could spend gold to buy tokens, or spend real money to buy tokens to get a fair amount of gold in the game. The price of the token shifted up and down as supply and demand jumped in the month, but for many it was a manageable practice, especially for people with lots of time and n...

World of Warcraft fan server to launch this month, based off Nostalrius

With 800,000 players, Nostalrius shows that many World of Warcraft players loved the vanilla content of the game. The server was  shut down in April and while many hoped that Blizzard would launch their own “pristine” servers, that never happened. An online petition with 250,000 signatures got Blizzard’s attention and it agreed to meet with Nostalrius’ admin. After no news ...

Doubleagent finishes the climb to Legion’s level cap by just mining and picking herbs

Doubleagent, with his apt title: the insane, has made it all the way to World of Warcraft’s new level cap of 110 just by collecting herbs and mining ore. No dungeons, no PVP. Just gathering materials. This makes Doubleagent the only character at level 110 that is completely factionless, a neutral in a world that is either Horde or Alliance. Watch just how excited Neutralagent is as that leve...

Legion gets more content, which means less sleep for everyone

World of Warcraft updated to version 7.1 today, with a 5-man reworked version of Karazhan, a mini raid, the continuation of the story of Suramar and a quest to raise a new mount (yeah, that sounds like it might be a big grind). It is a big patch and while it has many quality of life improvements, the classes are getting buffed and nerfed, depending on where they have been in the roster for top DPS...

Four reasons why Legion keeps me going back every day

Hey it is my turn to do the list again! I hate lists, especially ones that have to be in any specific order. So I am subverting the list again this time (like I did with the composer “list” and hijacking this slot to tell you about something I have been putting a lot of time into). You guessed it, I am posting about World of Warcraft. So here are some of the reasons I think Legion still has strong...

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