World of Warcraft

A deep dive into Revendreth, the realm of the last chance

More to these vampires than meets the eye.

Interview with World of Warcraft art director Ely Cannon

Those mountains are alive, and sculpted purposefully.

Small World of Warcraft boardgame looks like a perfect pairing

Days of Wonder has teamed up with Blizzard to bring two really popular games together. When you take Small World and add in World of Warcraft, you get Small World of Warcraft, which rolls off the tongue a lot better than Total War Warhammer ever did. Small World is a game with, you guessed it, limited space for your race to inhabit. Conflict is all but inevitable as everyone tries to conquer as mu...

Opinion: WoW’s corrupted items are a reminder of the best/worst part of Legion

Corrupted items are great if you have the right ones, and suck if your luck is bad. Better get farming, right?

Visions of N’Zoth’s best questline is bringing the Vulpera into the Horde

Sometimes it is the small moments that make us feel part of the world, not the big ones.

Visions of N’Zoth interview with Patrick Dawson

Making Azeroth an Old God free zone.

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