Free Games Vrydag winner is battling for Azeroth

Whether you're Alliance or Horde, you're going to want to win this beauty.

Three best things that happened on the first day of E3

Day one was a blast. What was your favourite part? Here are ours.

How we will beat (er review) Legion

MMOs are an interesting beast. Where most games can be beaten in hours, the contents of an MMO can stretch on for days or weeks. They are continually updated with new content, balances and patches, with content unlocking in staggered waves to make sure that everyone has a chance to be ready for when the latest cool thing arrives. It could take months. One MMO took me two months to play through wit...

Blizzard details first two months of Legion content

With World of Warcraft: Legion around the corner, it is time to get serious about our timetables. The sixth expansion to the MMO launches on August 30th, and Blizzard has already detailed the first two months of content to look forward to. From day one dungeons will be immediately available on both normal and heroic difficulties. Mythic dungeons will be available after the weekly dungeon reset tim...

World of Warcraft’s current world event has made the game feel alive again

Often when playing large games it feels as if nothing you do has any consequence outside of a 5 meter bubble around your character. Enemies you kill respawn, chests get their loot back. NPCs who saved from cutthroats and burglars will be attacked as soon as you leave, or if you hang around for long enough. This is especially the case in MMOs where enemies need to respawn for others to progress. Im...

How mobile gaming broke my WoW addiction

Gaming addiction, like being addicted to anything, is bad. I’m not talking about people saying they are ‘addicted’ to something they do now and again. I’m talking the kind of addiction that causes you to ignore family, friends, work and significant others. My second dip into World of Warcraft almost conquered me. Looking after my garrison and finding all the non-combat pets...

WoW Token Value Plummets Almost 30% In 24 Hours

Up until yesterday, the only way to buy in-game gold in World of Warcraft was to go through shady third party traders and gold farmers (which goes against Blizzard’s terms of service). In order to curb this, Blizzard announced that they would introduce tokens which could be purchased for real currency and sold at the auction house for in-game gold or exchanged for play-time. This feature lau...

Review: Warlords of Draenor (PC)

Facing the Iron Horde

Rumour: New Wow Expansion to land Q1 2016

If I were you I’d take this with a pinch of salt and perhaps some pepper sprinkles. Whenever you hear a rumour breaking on Reddit you know it’s very likely just that, BUT, with Blizzcon just around the corner (and our local Wookiee reporting on it here on SA Gamer) it might just have some kind of relevance. Apparently there’s a new expansion and PvP console game coming from Blizz...

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