Xbox 360

Top five video game mascots

What character typifies your favourite console maker?

Xbox 360 servers for Dragon’s Dogma are coming to a close

The times have caught up with the fantasy RPG, making Capcom call it quits on Xbox 360 support

Splinter Cell: Conviction appears out of the shadows and is backwards compatible on Xbox One

Tweeeeeeep! It's time to turn on those iconic night vision goggles again.

YouTuber looks back at the History of the Red Ring of Death

Stop Skeletons From Fighting takes a look at the infamous hardware blunder and how Microsoft saved the Xbox brand.

Opinion: Can all this pixel counting please just 4K right off!?

Mention resolution as the selling point of something one more time, I dare you.

Review: Cars 3: Driven to Win (PS4)

Want to keep your kids occupied for the holiday? Cars is good clean racing fun.

Your Games with Gold for July are cute, colourful and angry

Games with Gold in July will let you grow up to be an angry pirate who runs... or something like that.

Alan Wake is being removed from digital stores today

Alan Wake exits the store until music licensing issues are sorted out.

Your Games with Gold in May includes platforming, adventure and LEGO

While we were all about to take a nice relaxing weekend on Friday Microsoft decided it was time to drop some important information for Gold users – the Games with Gold for May. Depending on your stance this is either a really great month, or quite terrible. Love LEGO, platformer and co-op games? You’re in for a treat. Hate those? Well, you best then move on. Here is what you can expect...

Four more titles added to Xbox One backwards compatible list

If there’s one gift that keeps on giving it has to be backwards compatibility. I would love to play some of my older games, but I simply hate having to bring out the old consoles to play a few hours of a game from the 360 era. Now, four more games have been added to the ever expanding library of Xbox One backward games. The four games are: Dead Rising Case Zero; Dead Rising Case West; Cars 2...

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