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It’s Catch That Sale Time

Wow, I can’t believe it that time of the week already! If you weren’t tempted to buy games last week, you might not be tempted this week either. The games on sale this week aren’t riveting, but the good news is, Steam summer sale is on the go right now, so you might want to have a look at things. However, for those of you wanting to splurge a little, lets take a look at the chef&...

A Bit of Valiant Hearts For Your… Heart?

I will confess I knew very little about Valiant Hearts prior to E3, but I am told this is a game to look out for when it releases later this month. It’s a title that has some interesting characters that are obviously created for the game, but the setting in which it takes place may feel a little too real. The setting is of course based on World War 1, and don’t let the animated visuals...

FIFA UT Legends Exclusive to Xbox – Some Clarity

There seems to be a bit of confusion growing on the internet around this. At first Garth mentioned it to me thinking that EA’s most popular mode, Ultimate Teams, would be exclusive to the Microsoft consoles for FIFA 15. Since then I have seen a few people confused by the very same information and a bit of hate thrown at EA for this from some Sony fans. Let me allay those fears and explain th...

Updated: Your South African time E3 Schedule


Update 2: We have made it very easy for you below. Simply click on the Youtube video and streaming will start for the conference once it goes live. We currently don’t have anything for EA, but there is a link below that will take you to the live conference. Update: We have links below to the various conferences (just scroll down), but if you’re looking for a place where it will play al...

What is E3 Really Like? {and Gerard doesn’t shut up}

Below is a quick idea of what goes on at E3. Read it if you care, and if you don’t read it for Gerard. He is a sensitive soul. Everyone wonders what E3 is like, and let me tell you, it is one hell of an experience. I am not saying that, or writing this piece to rub it in your face {yes you are} (Shut up Gerard… for those that don’t know, Gerard has recently joined the team… in my head ...

Review: Contrast (PS4)

Contrast lurks in the shadows, but does it ever truly come into the light?

Review: LEGO: The Hobbit

LEGO takes another stab at Tolkien's Middle-Earth, and It's Precioussssss

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