Xbox Live Gold

Xbox Game Pass logo gets an updated look

Indicating Xbox Live Gold is on its way out?

Microsoft introduces Game Pass Ultimate

Get a discount when combining your Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Gold Live subscription

Rumour: Microsoft to provide combined Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold option

Great service looks like it's gonna keep getting better...

Microsoft confirms that Xbox Live Gold not needed for new Cross-buy platform

  One of the best services announced by Microsoft was the Play Anywhere service, which enables you to play certain games you buy once, on both Xbox One and PC. Microsoft confirmed that the service, along with the language region feature, as well as background music will also be available to all Xbox Live users. You will still need Xbox Live Gold to enjoy multiplayer features, including the ne...

XBL Gold members can play all EA Access games for free – 12-22 June

If you have an Xbox Live Gold membership and enjoy shooters and/or sport titles then you’re in luck. By downloading the EA Access Hub App, Xbox Live Gold members can play all the current EA Access titles for free. Xbox Live Gold members can get started by downloading the EA Access Hub App by clicking on the Gold Member area on the home dashboard. No credit card or sign up is required, so don...

Local Xbox Live Gold subscriptions gets a serious price hike

For several years now Xbox players have walked away with the biggest smile, as their Xbox Live Gold subscriptions have generally been much cheaper than what PlayStation owners were paying on a monthly basis. That’s about to change in a very big way. Last night Microsoft sent out emails to subscribers to confirm the following: [quote]As a valued Xbox Live Gold member, we’d like to thank...

Halo 5’s co-op campaign will require an Xbox Live Gold account after all

Many Xbox users rejoiced yesterday at the news that Halo 5: Guardians was releasing a ton of DLC maps for free but what really got people talking was the news that an Xbox Live Gold account wouldn’t be required for the campaign’s co-op mode. As it turns out, however,this just simply wasn’t true. 343 Industries studio head, Josh Holmes, said that he misspoke during his initial int...

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