Xbox One X

Keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One leaked by Microsoft Poland

Nearly 20 years later and the Dreamcast will finally see an equal

New patch brings 4K and HDR support to The Witcher 3 on the Xbox One X

And you thought you were done with The Witcher 3. Back you go!

Video: Hitman is getting a game of the year edition in 4K

All of Hitman in one 4K, HDR package.

Updated: The Xbox One X to launch at end of this year in SA, retailing at R7499

The most powerful console in the world is not going to cost as much as we thought it would. This is good news.

Phil Spencer joins Microsoft’s top leadership team

Microsoft is showing dedication to the gaming brand by adding Phil Spencer to the top leadership team.

Destiny 2 getting HDR support on PS4 Pro after launch

Destiny 2 will get HDR support at some point after launch for those who are on the PS4 Pro.

SA Gamercast 6 – Gamescom and exclusives

It is Gamescom which means we have game announcements, changes and the like everywhere we look. Some of them are amazing, some of the stuff is a complete rehash of what we saw at E3 though. We talk about Gamescom, game conferences and events in general, the power of exclusives and our thoughts on the Xbox One X and Microsoft’s current focus on hardware over exclusives. Real exclusives, not t...

Xbox One X local release date unclear, and ZA cost removed from official site

Xbox One X details are up in the air for local launch in South Africa.

Bungie explains why Destiny 2 is only running at 30fps on console – again

It all comes down to filling the area with enough monsters to shoot.

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