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We toured the Dark Heart of Skyrim with the devs

A guided tour of Western Skyrim, a land of Nords, vampires and witches.

Meet Elder Scrolls Online: Elseweyr’s Necromancer

Get some undead help, save on wages.

The Elder Scrolls Online is heading Elsweyr in June

The dragons are free once again.

Review: Elder Scrolls Online – Summerset (PC)

This one has a story if you have time to listen.

Returning to Elder Scrolls Online, a Morrowind story

If you shelved ESO or never went there at all, it might be time to rethink that.

Beware the deadly politics of Morrowind

The three Great Houses either own or influence everything and you just landed right in the middle of it. Be prepared for the world of politics where assassins are legal.

Heading back to Vvardenfell is a nostalgia overdrive

See Vivec in all of its splendour.

Get a taste of the gameplay as Elder Scrolls Online prepares for Morrowind

Later this year Elder Scrolls Online players will be heading to Morrowind and while the cinematic trailer shows the kind of trouble players will be up against, what does it all look like in-game? Here is the first gameplay trailer for the expansion. If you played Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind you probably got a strong sense of nostalgia watching this, with familiar locations and enemies coming back...

Video: The Elder Scrolls Online is heading to Morrowind in June

If you are an Elder Scrolls fan, there is probably a soft spot in your heart for Morrowind. You are not alone in that, it seems as the Elder Scrolls Online is heading to Morrowind next. This new chapter introduces a new class, the Warden. The Warden uses nature-based magic and a War Bear to rip enemies apart. It also adds a chunk of story, with over 30 hours of main story content being touted for ...

Review: The Elders Scrolls Online (Xbox One)

The Elders Scrolls series is famous for its numerous award-winning titles like Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim and even the early 3D tunnels of Daggerfall. All of which laid the foundations for many of the RPGs we see today. The Elders Scrolls Online seems like a natural progression for the series, and many fans have yearned for the day they could quest in one of Bethesda’s beautifully crafted worlds ...

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