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The latest stuff pack from The Sims 4 marks a first for the franchise: a stuff pack that requires you to own an expansion pack in order to unlock all the content. While there is content for those who don’t have the Cats & Dogs expansion, it’s clear that this stuff pack is aimed at those who do own the wildly popular pet-themed expansion.


My First Pet Stuff comes with two new hairstyles, plus a two colour version of one of them. There’s a new pet-themed t-shirt for kids and older Sims, and a hamster suit, similar to the bear and rodent suits already in the game. Kids and toddlers also get a new onesie. And that’s it for Sims. Cats and dogs – assuming you own the expansion – get a variety of new hats and outfits, from a bee suit for cats to a dashing jacket or spacesuit for big dogs. The new outfits come in a large variety of colours and styles, many of which coordinate with existing Sim outfits. But unless you own the expansion and like dressing your dogs and cats up, there’s not much in CAS in this stuff pack.

Buy Mode

Things improve a bit in the buy mode offerings. There’s a range of pet-themed furniture and decorative items, including a new bay window couch, a kid’s desk and activity table. The pet-themed furniture is really cute and comes in a variety of bright colours. However, the standout new item is probably the round fish tank coffee table, which looks really cool and contains animated fish, but sadly it’s not a functional fish tank that Sims can interact with. The pack also includes a host of new pet furniture, including pet beds, food bowls, and scratching posts, which all matches with the cute animal theme of the children’s furniture.

New gameplay

And finally, My First Pet Stuff adds, well, new pets. These come in the form of small rodents, namely hamsters, hedgehogs, rats, and a purple beastie called a bubalus. It’s one of the Voidcritters from the Kids Room Stuff, in pet form. They’re all adorable, and all identical beyond their cosmetic differences. Their habitats are all the same, available in a variety of colours to match the other new furniture in this pack. They all behave the same way, running around their enclosure, taking dust baths and grabbing a bite to eat. Sims can observe them, talk to them, and play with them, as well as take care of them by way of cleaning and feeding. The pets’ needs are visible via a tooltip when hovering over their habitat. Cats may entertain themselves by watching these new pets, and Sims love looking after them. They’ll even clean the cages autonomously! The little rodents also entertain themselves by going on adventures from time to time, whether to visit faraway lands and bring back postcards, or by way of their tiny rocket ships, and more. Like many other events in the game, you’ll simply get a notification telling you what your pet has been up to, and possibly a free object as a reward.¬†Rodents can also be set free, and they may bite Sims and possibly even make the bitten Sim sick. This naturally offers Sims a new way to die.

They’re all adorable, and all identical beyond their cosmetic differences. Their habitats are all the same, available in a variety of colours.


With the recent price increase on Origin for Sims 4 packs for various countries, including South Africa (as well as the UK, Brazil and Canada), My First Pet Stuff will cost you R150. Add to that the R600 for the Cats & Dogs expansion pack, needed to unlock all the pet clothing and make the pet objects usable, and things start to get really expensive. When you consider that the pet-themed expansion packs for Sims 2 and 3 included dogs, cats AND small pets like rodents, birds, and lizards, My First Pet Stuff really feels like it could have been included in the expansion pack. I’m not sure I can really recommend it for someone who doesn’t have the Cats & Dogs expansion, and even if you do, you might want to wait for a sale for this stuff pack.

Check out the trailer below:

Thanks to EA for providing us with a review code for The Sims 4 My First Pet Stuff. 


  • Super cute new pet-themed furniture
  • Lots of new pet outfits, if you're into that
  • Adorable rodent pets


  • Very few clothing and hair options added for Sims
  • Requires Cats & Dogs expansion pack to unlock all content
  • Only four new pets, with only cosmetic differences


My First Pet Stuff includes a lot of very cute pet-themed furniture to decorate your Sims' kids rooms, and adds some new pet outfits, toys and beds, if you have the Cats & Dogs expansion. The rodent pets are cute, but ultimately this is DLC for a DLC, with content that feels like it should have been in the original expansion.


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