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Review: Wolfenstein II: Freedom Chronicles – The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe (PS4)



It’s almost become a habit of Bethesda owned studios to produce some of the most engaging and fun shooter games of recent times. The most recent example is the frankly excellent Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. It’s a really fun, and entertaining game, that doesn’t take itself too seriously while still tackling some more serious themes. Also decimating Nazis on your way to liberate the American people is a real hoot!

The Freedom Chronicles is a continuation of the story of American liberation. It doesn’t follow the story of BJ Blazkowicz and his band of misfits, but rather some other characters, who takes the fight to the Nazis and their oppressive regime.

The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe

The first of three stories that form part of the Freedom Chronicles, The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe follows the story of Joseph Stallion (yup, we see what you did there) as he sets out on a path of revenge on turncoat, Roderick Metze, a Nazi Uber Kommandant who used to be a dentist. Stallion, was affectionately named Gunslinger Joe in his days as a young and upcoming Professional Quarterback, who ends up in slavery due to him being a black man, and clearly not of the Aryan race. That is the premise of it, and just about enough reason to go on a Nazi killing rampage through the American Midwest.

The DLC is not perfect, and not nearly as good as the main game due to a number of shortcomings.

The DLC is however not perfect, and not nearly as good as the main game due to a number of shortcomings. First off, it is really short. As in, if you know what you are doing and know where to go, you can probably clear the entire story of Gunslinging Joe is less than an hour. You will however take a bit longer than that, since The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe is damn hard. So much so that it almost feels like the challenge added to the DLC was purely there in order to make the DLC feel longer. It throws so many, really hard to kill enemies at you, that it can become a real challenge to get past some key stages.

It’s not the only way that the game gets padded a bit, since I found myself searching around the map quite a few times to find the next doorway or exit to the level. It is not easy to spot and is often hidden, and it feels a bit like they’re trying to stretch the very short piece of content. It breaks the rhythm and pace of the gameplay, and doesn’t feel that well implemented.

But Joe is a fun dude to hang out with

Other than the DLC being very short, and feeling a bit padded out, Joe, the main protagonist is a really cool and fun character to play. His story is told through a narration and comic book style of visuals. It is bright and very well drawn, and tells a compelling and interesting story. It’s just a pity that its so short. The DLC also features some excellent set pieces and action that gets borrowed a bit from the main game, but is still a ton of fun to do. The only issue I have is that I don’t get to spend more time with Joe, since he is a very likable character, and it would’ve been nice to get to know him and his motivations a bit better.

Joe’s story are told through a narration and comic book style of visuals. It is bright and very well drawn, and tells a compelling and interesting story.

It’s also more Wolfenstein, which is never a bad thing. Joe has a special ability that allows him you charge through enemies, grates and ever some walls, which is a great way to get the carnage started. I felt so much less inclined to try and stealth my way through a level, with Joe being a true Juggernaut that just flattens everything in his path. Dual wielding a pair of shotguns and blowing a dozen of Nazis in a narrow corridor never gets old.

Maybe wait for the rest of the chronicals

The DLC pack is very short, although mostly fun with an enjoyable character. It is however hard to recommend outright at this time, and you might want to at least wait to see what the next episode has in store, which is expected to release in the first quarter of 2018. The DLC is really not bad, but it’s just not worth it at this stage. It is a pity, because I like Joe.


  • Gunslinger Joe is really cool
  • More Wolfenstein


  • Very short
  • Feels a bit padded to try and make it seem longer


The Adventures of Gunsliger Joe is the first of three planned DLCs for Wolfenstein II. Although very short, it's still a lot of fun, but I find it a bit hard to outright recommend at this stage.


  • Global_Saffer

    Ja I’d agree with most of this. Fun, but make sure you get the season pass on sale. Think I paid $11 for it.

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