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Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak gets a tactical pause button

Now you can pause the action to issue orders. Or just marvel at your units.

Gwent’s Thronebreaker story campaign delayed to 2018

You'll have to wait a while before having a quick game of Gwent by yourself.



Review: L.A. Noire (PS4 Pro)

Straight-laced Cole Phelps in on the case again.

Hellblade hits 500,000 sales, pushing the game into success and profits

Hellblade manages to break even within three months of launch, Ninja Theory shares details on the trials and joys of success.

Gran Turismo Sport is getting the update we really want in December

New update in December finally gives us what we really wanted.

Livestream: Come watch a real life Jedi

Now you're just some Jedi that I used to know.

Go Back to the Future on a trippy adventure with Games with Gold in December

It's a unique selection in December, but there should be something that appeals to you

Video: Warface’s new Battle Royale mode is live

Crytek has a 15 player map where everyone spawns with just a knife.

Pokémon GO players snag one billion Pokémon in two days

Pokémon GO players are one-third of the way through in two days.

Meet Session, the skateboarding game you’ve been waiting for

Been dying to do a 720 heelflip fakie ollie again? Session might be the exact game for you.

Splatoon 2 is doing Black Friday a bit differently

New maps, new modes a higher level cap and more are coming to Splatville.


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