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Unreal Engine updates for Fortnite released to all Switch developers

Looks like we have Fortnite to thank for some future Switch game improvements.



Review: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Switch)

Toad is off on his own adventure and it's one you want to be on.

Five reasons to give up on the tortured fascination with our backlogs

It is time to stop letting this monster have such a hold on us.

Your favorite Fortnite characters will soon have their own Funko line

These little big headed dolls will be dabbing on your shelf sometime this year.

New Xbox hardware to be shown at Gamescom

What's in the (X)boooox?

Video: Sega shows off Valkyria Chronicles 4 Opening Movie

Nothing better than tanks and anime girls.

Rainbow Six Siege Alpha Packs are free for this week

Operators, mission "get the Epic and Legendary loot" is a go!

Sea of Thieves is adding a three-man ship for players and a ghostly one for skeletons

Skeletons with ships? Show those bones the bottom of the sea.

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