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RimWorld is nearing the final stretch after being in development for half a decade

The new update can make you "obsessed with corpses", but more importantly, RimWorld is almost out of Alpha.



Review: Hidden Agenda (PS4)

Get ready to play with your friends, but be careful of that hidden agenda.

Twitch bans a streamer for playing Ultra Sun on release

After the game unlocked by Australian time, Nintendo of America felt that it was too early to stream.

Zombies are coming to Rainbow Six Siege Year Three

Get ready for a zombie outbreak, but only for a few weeks.

Platinum Games director wants to join forces with Capcom to remake Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe

Hideki Kamiya is very keen to assist Capcom with some of their classic franchises. Hold thumbs.

Need for Speed Payback is also changing its loot crates and progression

Payback takes steps to be less card game and more care game.

Prepare the spells, Neverwinter Nights is getting enhanced

Lady Aribeth is waiting for your help.



Blast from the Past: FIFA World Cup 98 (N64)

It's still considered a legendary game in the FIFA series, and for good reason

Prepare for the Pokémon GO Catch Challenge in Pokémon GO Travel

Can three billion Pokémon get caught in just seven days?

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camper is coming in a couple of days

Looking forward to camping with some skunks? You will be able to very soon.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 confirmed for PS4, Xbox One and Switch

As part of the 10th anniversary, Valkyria Chronicles returns with its fourth entry.



Review: Star Wars Battlefront II (PS4)

The microtransactions are gone, but the damage to the multiplayer is already done.


What's the longest you've ever played a single video game without a 10+ minute break?

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