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Video: You want Dog of War? You got it

Every dog has his day

Life is Strange developers in talks with major publisher for two new titles

DONTNOD has come a long way and could soon play a bigger part in the industry

It’s the age of Battle Royale and a worthy PUBG or Fortnite contender may have arrived

I'll have a royale with cheese and a side 5.56 rounds please, thanks

Video: Meet the Kongs from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Soon it'll be on like Donkey Kong

What’s that? It’s some SALES!

Get those wallets out, it's sales time.

God of War Director shares his emotional reaction to the reviews

Go get the tissues. Sometimes we forget there are good people behind the games we play

Platinum Games announce ambitious mobile game called World of Demons

Mobile games are usually bad, but this one looks like it can be something special.

Ambitious RPG Knights of Light has The Witcher as its muse

Rumbling Games takes a bold step in creating something utilising a pretty solid foundation

God of War – A Trip Down Memory Lane

To understand Kratos' future, you have to know his past

Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass is here to blow your mind

Serious Sam is seriously back


Do you ever buy the same game numerous times for different formats? (Example - Resident Evil 4)

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