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Review in progress: Battlefield V (PC)

From icy mountain reaches to beautiful French farms, your boots and lead will cover them all.

The Burning Question: When is a game good value for money?

The more hours the better or do you prefer quality over quantity?

Here are your nominees for all categories in The Game Awards 2018

If anything it's a reminder that 2018 has been another fantastic year for games.

Battle Princess Madelyn arrives on December 6

Battle Princess Madelyn is nearly here to kill bad guys and steal your heart.

Spider-Man: Turf Wars DLC available next week

Take on a hard-headed man in Spidey's 2nd DLC.

PUBG to parachute onto PS4 on 7 December

PS4 gets that Chicken Dinner despite coming in last.

Here are the games to receive keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One tomorrow

Tomorrow PC and Xbox One cross-platform players will be on a more even field.

Nintendo will receive R178 million from a ROM site lawsuit, owned by a couple

The family-friendly company is not so family-friendly in court.

The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince receives a new trailer & release date

Sometimes lying seems easier than facing the truth.

Opinion: Is Blizzard trying to retcon Sylvanas or should we take interviews with a pinch of salt?

That isn't how I remember the Battle at the Wrath Gate?

Five Nights at Freddy’s to get a big AAA production

The spook train isn't stopping for anything.


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